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The Dying Young Chapter Two

WARNING: This chapter has a scene of guy on guy kissing. Nothing bad, just kissing. However if that is not your thing, you can skip the scene and go to the first break. A break looks like this: T*D*Y*.

Chapter Two: The Formation Part Two


I told Sloan I'd meet her outside at 3:00, which gave me 15 minutes to get my shit together. I had my bookbag in hand and was ready to go when I was pulled into one of Rosemount High School's many closets.

I turned the light on quickly, and Jason Jones (the god of basically everything) was standing there with his arms crossed and a smirk.

"Look, I only have fifteen. Hafta meet Sloan." I said.

Jason rolled his eyes. "I have five! Stacey Lane wants to go out to eat. Cause dinner at 3 in the afternoon is a new fad."

I laughed. "Awwww."

Jason grinned at me, his perfect teeth showing. "She's okay, bu sadly my heart beats for another.

That's when Jason Jones kissed me.

So if you're wondering why I'm snogging Stacey Lane's boyfriend, the answer is simple. It's love.

I'll tell you how this started, basically because I doubt you want me to talk about kissing Jason (which, for the record is really fun and makes me really happy). It started here, this closet, like three months ago. I would come in here to skip class and draw and Jason would come in here for alone time. One time we wound up there at the same time and we began talking, finding we had loads in common (isn't that always how it starts?). When we finished talking, he smaked his lips to mine. The rest is history, as they say.

Most people hate being the bimbo mistress thing, but honestly I don't care. The danger gives me some sort of high. I love the feeling. I love Jason and he loves me. That's how it is.

Suck it, Stacey Lane.

Jason pulled himself off me and grinned. "Stacey Lane wishes she was as cool as you."

I pressed myself against him and he wrapped me in his arms. We just stayed there for a minute, in harmony, like everything was perfect.

As if to ruin it, Jason' phone went off.

I pulled myself off him. "Stacey Lane awaits."

He pouted, then grabbed his bag. "Until next time, my love."

I coulda swore my heart skipped a beat at that. He pecked my lips and left, leaving me against the wall and in love.


I found Sloan sitting crossed legged on the sidwalk, reading. She looked up at me when I came.

"Hello." she said, putting her book away. "Why's your hair all messy?"

My hand flew to my bright blue hair, and I quickly straightened it out.

"I fell." I said.

Sloan raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. "Well, let's get a move on. I only live a block away."

We walked past a group of girls, who waved at Sloan. I recognized two of them.  Rebecca Rider was in 6 of my classes and Lindy Mosa was in two. I did not recognize the third.

They waved to me too, and Sloan gave a nod. "Becks, Linds, Rose."

Ok, so that's who that was, Rosalyn Sherbert. She was Jacob Kavid's girlfriend. Everyone adored Jacob, like a god. And every girl wanted to be his girlfriend. To say she was lucky was an understatement.

They smiled and turned to whisper in their little group.

We walked in silence. I considered putting my iPod on, but I thought that would be rude.

"So..." she said.

I turned to her, and for the first time, got a real good look at Sloan. She tried hard to look how she looked. She had styled her bright purple hair, and her grey eyes were almost haunting. Her black veil was perfectly positioned, a bow attaching it to her hair. She wore a black dress with purple stockings. High combat boots completed the look. She had everything perfect; she tried to look like an outcast.

I deeply wondered why.

"So?" i said, going back to Earth.

"What should we invent?"

I thought for a minute. I was totally okay with failing this project, and honestly Sloan was too. But still.

I shrugged. "Got nothing."

"We'll figure it out." she said.

We reached her front porch, where two boys I recognized (but did not know the names of) were sitting. They each had a popsicle in thier hand. They greeted Sloan with a smile, then turned to me.

"What's he..." one of them said, a skinny guy with glasses and curly hair.

"School thing." Sloan said.

"Ah." the other one said, a heavier guy with moppy black hair.

"Dylan," she said to me. "Nolan Harem, bass extrodinare and Frankie Banes, drum legend."

"Who kind of wishes he was a guitar hero." Frankie, the curly haired one, said. "Can we get a new drummer?"

'Lead singer comes first." Slaon said. 'Nolan and Frankie, Dylan Smart.' She pointed at me, ad I gave a small waved. They nodded.

Nolan got up. "Let's get this show on the road."

Frankie followed, dusting dirt off himself.

Sloan kicked her garage diir, and sure enough it opened, revealing a couple of guitars, and a drum set along with five microphones.

"Ok," Sloan said, dropping her book bag on the floor. "First order; Dylan food is though that door. Occupy yourself."

I dropped my bookbag and headed for the door. I didn't know where to go, but I didn't wanna stay there. ienetered an tiny hallway, which led to a big kitchen and dining room. An older girl was on the couch, watching TV.

She turned around and waved. "I'm Ellis." (http://img.poptower.com/pic-51377/ellis-wylie-glee-project.jpg?d=600)

"Dylan." I said, assuming she was Sloan's sister. They looked a lot alike.

She waved, then her phone rang. She got up to answer it, running into another room.

As I was reaching for a snack, I heard a Paper Mate commercial come on (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHkSIceiz98). I grinned. It was my favorite commercial. I began to sing along to the cheesy lyrics.

Your colors tell no lies
Your words, they mesmerize
You're brilliant in my eyes
And you make me
Smile like a rainbow 

I began to laugh to myslef, thinking of Jason. Then a heard a voice. 'Smart. Get over here." It was Sloan.

"What?" i said, praying she didn't hear me singing as I walked to her.

"Come on!" she brought me back out to the garage. Nolan and Frankie stared at her, and I swore Frankie mouthed "What are you doing?"

Their eyes grew wide as she handed me a mike. What the hell was she...did she want me to sing?"

"You know Maroon 5?" she asked. "Moves Like Jagger?" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suRsxpoAc5w&feature=related)

I nodded. I love Maroon 5.She looked at her band mates, and nervously they began playing. I started to sing, even though I didn't know why.

Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
Then aim for my heart
If you feel like
And take me away, make it okay
I swear I'll behave

Sloan grinned at me, whike Nolan and Frankie stood thier with dumbfounded looks.

You wanted control
So we waited
I put on a show
Now I make it
You say I'm a kid
My ego is big
I don't give a sh*t
And it goes like this

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me till you're drunk
And I'll show you

You want the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger

I don't need try to control you
Look into my eyes and I'll own you

With them the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger

By now, Nolan and Frankie were jamming, Nolan cooming in with the whistles.

Maybe it's hard
When you feel like you're broken and scarred
Nothing feels right
But when you're with me
I make you believe
That I've got the key

So get in the car
We can ride it
Wherever you want
Get inside it
And you want to steer
But I'm shifting gears
I'll take it from here
And it goes like this

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me till you're drunk
And I'll show you

You want the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger

I don't need try to control you
Look into my eyes and I'll own you

With them the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger

We awkwardly skipped the Xtina part, cause I could never sing like her. My voice is low.

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me till you're drunk
And I'll show you

You want the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger

I don't need try to control you
Look into my eyes and I'll own you

With them the moves like jagger
I've got the moves like jagger
I've got the mooooooves... like jagger

We finished, and I slowly came to a realization. However Frankie beat me to it.

"Dang! the blue haired kid could sing! Dude, you gotta join us."

Sloan nodded excitedly. "Come on Smart. Please?"

Nolan grinned. 'You got piped."

This band, who's main goal is to take down Stacey Lane, wanted me to front them.

Hell yes I was in.

"For sure." I said.

Sloan took my hand and stuck it in the air. "Guys we found our lead singer!"


Hey readers just wanted to let you know I'm going to be away for a good ten days in England. My story will not be updated until July 6th. So expect an update on that day. Thanks.

The Dying Young-A story by me

Chapter One: The Formation Part One


Once upon a time, in a dirty town in Jersey, lived a teenaged girl called Sloan Aphrodite Jameson. (Aphrodite as in the god of love, don't let it fool you). She was petite and goth, complete with purple hair that she wore in a veil. She hung with the boys. And she slugged through the halls every day, all by her lonesome. Everyone has a name for her. But to me, she's well, me. The freaky girl.

I'm an outcast. And that day started like any other day for an outcast. But it was different. It was the day of the true formation of the new and improved The Dying Young. It was the beginning of a mutiny, the revolution. But no one knew that yet. Not even me, and I thought I knew everything.

I probably should have been able to tell. There was something about the way everyone was walking. But me, I walked on. I checked to see if the coast was clear and opened my locker, which was covered in black leather. I grabbed my books, shut the locker, and turned to my right.

Then I yelped.

Rebecca Rider was standing there, her long, light brown hair flowing like a romantic comedy heroine.

She should be my worst nightmare, with her bright pink skirt, white halter top and pink sandels. But, because of her kindness, we were sorta friends.


"So I heard Stacey Lane quit The Dying Young." Rebecca said.

I scowled. The Dying Young was my kick ass band, and Stacey Lane, well she WAS my BFF. But, as usual, Stacey Lane decided she could do better and formed "The Blame Game" with two of her preppy friends, Tiff and Ruby.

"Whatever." I said.

"Well the battle of the bands is almost here." Rebecca said, pointing to a sign in the hall advertising Rosemount High Schools Annual Battle of the Bands, which we were planning to enter. And we were still entering, with or without Stacey Lane.

"We'll find another lead." I said.

Rebecca raised an eyebrow. "As good as Stacey Lane?"

"We'll see." I said before entering my first class.


I groaned. Six hours later, at my last class, I was in HELL. Mrs. Garcia, my Science teacher, was known for her "teamwork projects".

I am NOT a people person, hence the whole outcast thing. And Nolan Harlem and Frankie Banes, my best friends, weren't even in my class. The only person in this room I could work with was Rebecca. Fingers crossed.

"As you know, I've assigned you in pairs. You will sit in your groups for the next month and I will give you time at the end of each class to work. You must invent something that will be useful to everday home life. Got it?"

"Yes, Mrs. Garcia." we, the class, mumbled.

"Ok group one:" she took her glittery silver notebook off her desk and grinned. "Rebecca Rider and Tiffany Sonhoul."

Bleh. There went that hope.

Tiff was one of Stacey's pals, who I couldn't stand. She had strong Asian features, and long black hair she wore in pigtails. She had these practically see through flower outfits, one of which she was wearing today.

Becks shot me an "SOS" look and went to take a seat next to Tiff.

"Next, Samantha Sonhoul and Bridget Corfer."

Sami, Tiff's cousin, popped her small head up. She was quiet and sweet, and hated her cousin with a passion. She hung around Nolan a lot. I could see there was something there, but I never said I word.

Bridget, on the other hand, was the essence of "I don't give a shit". She had wavy hair, messy jeans, and a faded hoodie with a Queen logo on it. She walked over to Sami, and I watched, laughing to myself about the odd pairing.

"Stacey Lane Warren and Jason Jones."

Oh, God. There she was. Stacey Lane Warren, better known as Stacey Frikkin Lane. Her chocolate brown hair hung slightly and it bounced as she walked to Jason Jones, her boyfriend. Jason had what I call "The Look". He had long redish hair, soft Asian and Italian features, and muscles. Hell he could ride as most popular. And of course Stacey Lane got to have him. She always got what she wanted. I never got what I wanted. And right now I wanted to-

"Sloan Jameson and Dylan Smart."

Oh hell. There went the angry thought and in came the confused one. I had never said two words to him. Not ever "hi". I barely even knew him till the other day, when Rebecca told me, Rosalyn Sherbert, and Lindy Mosa she thought he was kinda cute. I went "Who?" And she goes "Dylan! The blue haired kid!"

I bet you the whole school knew him as "the blue haired kid" cause that's what he was. Or "the kid with the colorful clothes", which he was killing today with a multicolored hoodie and jeans. He was my height, kinda lanky, and he had a silver stub under his lip.

I turned to Becks, who grabbed her phone and texted furiously. I counted back from three on my fingers as Dylan walked over to me. My phone silently went off, and I pulled it out.

Lucky! Can we switch?

I shook my head at her and recieved a growl. Dylan sat down next to me. "So, when should we start?"

I looked at him, and his eyes, which were a soft brown and kind of nice. "Today I guess. I'm practicing with my band after school, but if you want to, you can sit in on practice and we'll start after."

Dylan nodded, and then proceeded to draw a denomic bunny in his notebook.

I picked up Suck It Up by Brian Meehl and started to read, hoping I wasn't the denomic bunny he was drawing.

Although that would be kinda awesome.



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